What are the monthly payments?

Your monthly payment will depend on many different factors. Price of car, interest rate, length of loan, how much money is put down, etc…

Can I use my trade for a down payment?

Yes you can.

How much down payment will I need?

That will depend on what you would like your payment to be. The more money down the less your payment will be.

How much will I qualify for?

Once you send in your credit application we can determine what amount you can qualify for.

How long does it take to get approved?

During regular business hours, we can typically have you loan pre-approval within a few hours. Under special circumstances we may need 24 hours to shop around for the best rates. From the time when we contact you with your pre-approved auto financing approval, all you need to do is get us a recent copy of a pay stub or bank statement to show proof of income. Once proof of employment is confirmed then you either visit the dealership to select and pick up your vehicle or arrange to have it delivered to you.

What happens to my application?

When you submit your online application for an auto loan, we personally review it and then contact you to discuss your situation and financing options.

How do I qualify for auto financing?

To qualify, you must have job or some form of steady income, a minimal monthly income of $1800 before taxes are deducted and have a valid drivers license.

What if I’ve been turned down before at another dealership?

Not all car dealers and lenders are the same! Don’t give up, even if you’ve been refused elsewhere. With the volume of business we do and the large number of lenders (local and national) we deal with allows us to get auto loan approvals when others cannot.

What if you can’t approve my car loan?

If your credit situation prevents us from getting you approved (which is very rare), our lending specialists will explain what you need to do to get approved in the future.

Am I eligible if I have very bad credit?

We understand and respect your situation. Life is unpredictable and things sometimes happen beyond our control at that moment. Often these times can have a negative impact on your credit. Our goal is to repair your credit and get you back on the road.